How to pull in dynamic rich text containing links from Airtable?

Does anyone know how to pull in dynamic rich text containing hyperlinks?

I am building a blog using Airtable as a data source.

When we hyperlink text in our Airtable Long text column, plasmic renders it with the link as plain text in parentheses rather than a hyperlink.

Having the ability to dynamically insert hyperlinks within our dynamic blog paragraph text is critical for our application to scale.

Any suggestions on how to solve for this would be so very much appreciated.

We are using react/nextjs to build thousands of blog posts from each Airtable row, so we can’t manually drop the plasmic link component on certain words.

Airtable - Column Settings.png

you should see an html toggle on a dynamic text field - though it looks like it’s coming down with Markdown. You could register a Markdown component from Next to parse it for you

sweet, thank you!

this sounds very promising

I’ll pass it along to our developer for implementation tonight and let you know our learnings tomorrow

@yang, when you get a moment, could you please review this plasmic page:

I built it describing our trouble with rendering hyperlinks & bold rich text from airtable in our dynamic text content

The page contains screenshots and a walkthrough of the markdown struggles

Our application is built with nextjs

Hi @sensible_rat, like Beamer mentioned, you’ll need to register a code component to render Markdown formatted text (like

Thank you, Yang - this specific link helps.

My developer and I are first-time nextjs / react app users,

We are coming from a wordpress, php, mysql stack