How to query pages in the Studio?

Is there a way to query pages in the studio? I have a lot of pages that are more complex than cms templates, and I need to show recently created carousel

Can you elaborate a bit more what you mean by this?

for instance i have a lot of Recipe pages. I made a component called RecipeLayout. But I have a /recipes page too - where i need to show a grid of them sorted by date

Got it. You can use PLASMIC.fetchPages() and render these how you’d like in your grid.

An example (of a different use case of the call):

export const getStaticPaths: GetStaticPaths = async () => {
  const pages = await PLASMIC.fetchPages();
  return {
    paths: => ({
      params: { catchall: page.path.substring(1).split('/') }
    fallback: 'blocking'

cool! i’m looking for an example for filtering/sorting in the docs. Needing to sort them by date