How to register an Ant form in Plasmic?

Hi Team, I am trying to register antD Form component on Plasmic, the labelCol property is not working. Can you please help me with this ?

Hi Vandana, could you share how you are registering the components ?

registerComponent(Form, {
  name: "Form",
  props: {
    children: {
      type: "slot"
	labelCol: "object",
    wrapperCol : "object"
  importPath: "antd"

and for the Form.Item are you doing something like:

registerComponent(Form.Item, {
  name: "FormItem",
  props: {
    label: "string",
    children: "slot",

? If I am not mistaken the labalCol prop only works if you have a label set in the FormItem

Yes. But the form labelCol and wrapperCol is not working even after setting the label prop on FormItem.

Even the FormItem has these props, which are working fine. But in this case we have to pass the props to every FormItem, whereas if the labelCol and wrapperCol props of form starts working, it will be applied for all formItems.