How to remove the Made In Plasmic watermark button?

Hey gang! — As a designer, I’m thrilled to have discovered this tool, and even made myself a super quick personal site, and published it live within 15 minutes. :smile:

Curious! If there’s a way to remove the “Made in Plasmic” button at the bottom?
Will certainly be spreading the word regardless! :wink:

Hi! We don’t have a way to get rid of it yet, but do plan to make it possible from a paid tier

Would love to pay for that ala carte!

Price / features are super fair for those who will use them, but as a 1 man team the free version is great.

Or maybe if there’s a new / lighter option like $10/20 a month, I’m sure many would be okay paying that for a tool of this caliber. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback! If you’re up for it, you can also host the site yourself for free – the “Made in Plasmic” button only shows up when it’s hosted by Plasmic. You can quickly create a Nextjs app that’s integrated with your Plasmic project (npx create-plasmic-app), and you can link your repo with a hosting provider like Vercel, which can host the site for you

Oh! Good to know — the dev side is still new to me; so I appreciate the convenience of hosting with Plasmic!

Think that feature alone would certainly be a winner / valuable to many like myself who are mostly design-focused.

I’ll check out Vercel/React/Nextjs though, and thank you for your quick responses.

Super looking forward to the future of this tool, and thanks to you and the team of building something so incredibly useful!