How to specify custom screen size (height)?

Hi, is it possible to specify custom screen size?
right now I can enter screen width but the height is greyed out

for instance, I would like to use standard resolution sizes like 1080p, 720p etc

Have you tried changing the view mode?

the tooltip on those buttons are important too btw

Hi, thanks for helping, but I cannot find the button you shown
Do I need to enable some mode/enable some settings?

You might need to be in the component editor vs the page editor

ohh, thanks
ya, just found it in component edit mode, and also in the custom arena

do you know what’s the difference between the 3 artboard types?


The first two just create a component or page and drop it in an art board

The scratch art board is the only one that doesn’t produce something usable in code with no real restraints just a frame

thanks for the concise explanation :smiley: