How to structure my pages better?

Hello, Plasmic community. :blush:

How can I structure these pages better? This is a landing page for a monthly event, and I think there will be many pages in my Plasmic studio in a few months. Is there any way to structure this better and not have so many pages I need to copy and edit the content?
As I am not a developer, how can I only use Plasmic to achieve such a thing, can dynamic pages help with this?

Thank you :pray: :star:

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 11.30.25.png

Hi george, what would you like to do? Is there content you were trying to share across the different pages but you canโ€™t make them into a component with slots? Or would it be easier to manage these as different variants because thereโ€™s only a few specific changes?