How to tell Shopify productcarousel which product to show?

Hello all, just started with Plasmic with shopify, like what’s it’s doing :slightly_smiling_face: I do have one question, the productcarousel, how do you tell the carousel which products / data to use? It only shows no product found and I cannot find anything to fix it

Hi @high_clam, this about the built-in productbox component? Or is there a specific custom productcarousel component you’re referring to? If it is something specific to your project, feel free to point me to that project URL

I see, this question is about the Furn Ecommerce template, which defines a Product Carousel component that contains a Product Box component

You can just use the Product Box directly, you can ignore the Product Carousel

And from the right sidebar, on the Product Box props, you can pick the product you want to display