How to unset a prop (on Ant Collapse)?

Hello :wave:
Trying to recreate an issue with the Ant Collapse in Plastic.
In the attached GIF file, there are two instances of the collapse component.

For the first one on top, I set the collapsible value to header

1- Only the header text is clickable as expected.
2 - No unset option, so there is no way to get back to the original setup.

The 2nd one: I left the collapsible value untouched as unset.
Result: Collapse raw behave normally.

Hi, if you right-click the prop, you should see the ability to unset any value. Let me know if that helps!

That works. Thanks, @yang

I’m also trying to use this component. Can’t say I have been able to wrap my head around it.
Not sure how to change the text color, how to enter text and why the width of the panel is so narrow.

Found this for you.

for some reason, the component is behaving differently inside this vertical stack:

You need to give each Collapse Panel a unique key.

When you want to insert a panel body, you can expand the target Panel from the Antd collapse β†’ activekey : Collapse Panel key value.