How to upload and make files accessible over website?

Hey! I have a quick question. Does Plasmic have a build in way to upload and make files (like pdfs) accessible over the website or does that have to be done manually by copying the files in a public directory in the source code and using a link?

Hi @vivid_termite, you can upload files (up to a few MB) in the CMS - add a model type with a field for file uploads, and upload the files you want there. Then back in Plasmic Studio, you can insert a link to these files using the CMS components in the component store. (Or just copy the URL to the link and insert it wherever you want in the site as a normal link.) LMK if that helps.

Thank you!

It does

@yang I’ve been trying this and getting a Error: post /cmse/file-upload failed: Internal Server Error error toast.

The file is a json Lottie file, and is 2.6mb.