How to use catchall auto-loader with _app.js?

Hi All,

I’m using the auto-loader “[[...catchall]].tsx” page, and I would like to wrap the content of all pages (<PlasmicComponent component={pageMeta.displayName} />) inside a <PlasmicComponent> called Layout. This Plasmic component has inner Plasmic Components, such as Header, Menu, and Footer.

I already tried to follow the documentation from “Using Plasmic components in _app.js” ( but I’m confused, because, in my understanding, that is not going to work if I create an _app.js file inside the pages folder if I already have a [[…catchall]].tsx file.

Any idea how I could implement this? Thank you in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:


Would love to know how to do this as well! The documentation didn’t quite explain all the steps involved for this process.

Are you running into any issues here? There shouldn’t be anything wrong with creating an _app.js together with a catchall…