How to use dynamic query string parameter from a select dropdown?

Hi How to Use Dynamic Query String Parameter From Select Dropdown in Rest API.
for example : https:\\getvalue?value=abc

Hi @intense_earthworm! What do you mean by “from Select Dropdown”? If you want to hit using the REST API Fetcher (HTTP API Fetcher), you can just specify that URL in HTTP API Fetcher props.

If you want to use query params from the Plasmic page in a component prop, you can use “Use dynamic value” and then you will see your query parameters in “Page query parameters”. In particular, you can build a URL like “” by using a custom code like <${$ctx.query.value}>

i want to pick value abc from select dropdown in query string

and also suggest how to post json with dynamic values in restapi

Oh, I see. That is currently not possible in studio (unless you do some hack using app-hosting / code components), but we’re working on it!