How to use Plasmic default styles inside code components?

Hi all,
We’re trying to use Default styles from the builder inside our components. I realized that additional classes were being added to the elements where CSS was applied via vars. It looks as expected in preview, but inside the builder it doesn’t inherit the Default styles for our elements. These are headings, if that’s relevant. h4 , h6 and so on.

{'className': plasmic_default__all plasmic_default__${htmlTag} ${className}}

Is there something more we need to do to be able to see the default styles inside the builder for our elements as well?

cc @chungwu do you happen to know this off the top of your head?

Hmm does your app host also have styles set for h1 h2 etc? Could be that they are conflicting with the Plasmic-generated ones?

No. Only in builder

I am using React.createElement to render that element. Could that be an issue?

@chungwu @yang Hi does the Plasmic team have any more insight here? Is there more info @spiritual_mosquito can get to you to help solve this? Screenshots?

could you DM me the project ID?