How to use plasmic sync with the Next.js app directory?

Hi, I’m trying to use the NextJS app directory with Plasmic. I’ve set up everything as in the Plasmic guide and Studio works, but when I sync to vscode using “plasmic sync” it keeps creating the pages in the app directory as files named like the route, instead of nesting them in a directory named as the route and using “page.tsx” for the file.
How can I configure Plasmic to generate the right files?

@insufficient_clam can confirm, but I don’t believe we have any official support yet for app directory for codegen

Correct, app directory support is still work in progress. You might still be able to make everything work for if you add"use client" to the tops of your generated Plasmic___ files.

Ok, thanks for letting me know! I’m able to work with it for now. I’m re-organizing the files after a new page has been synced and make the page a client component right now.