How to use previous action in user actions?

Hi. In plasmic studio how I can use the action result runned before.
I have a button that has two action.
First an http request, second a “Go to page” action that should redirect user based on the result of first action.

But in dynamic value the previous step result is always “undefined”

Yes, we are looking into an issue on why it’s not possible to see some of the buttons that allow you to fill the content of previous steps, I explained the current workaround in Plasmic Community

I see. Thanks.

@fmota May you please share the workaround here. Not a paid member of slack, so cant access old posts. Having an action http post and want to access the steps in the second action of http but having the undefined value.


The workaround is quite simple. You need to enter interactive mode and trigger your interaction. For example, if you have a button that is calling some API, you can enter interactive mode and click the button. The next time you open the second action, you should be able to see the value of the first action. Be careful with it. Since you will be invoking those actions, you need to pay attention to operations that update/delete your data.

(You can check this Focus mode vs. design mode | Learn Plasmic for reference on how to go to interactive mode)

Thank you for the reply but still “undefined”

Don’t really know if Im doing something wrong

Ok found the way. I can’t follow it with a “Use Integration” in the next step. So inserted an unnecessary update variable in second step and can now access it on the third step for the “Use Integration” to call an API.