How to use Stitches and Radix in Plasmic?

My dev team is using stitches and radix at the moment and creating a whole design system with react functional components. Is there a way for us to sync these components with plasmic or how much of a headache will it be to get the designers and devs “synced”? Thanks.

Hi! Yes, you can in general use arbitrary React components in your design, including the radix components your team has built. See

Sound promising. Does plasmic support local version history of some sort? Or should we be better off and go with github? Problably a dumb question, but I am not a developer, sooo… ;D

It kind of depends on your use case… You can create versions in Plasmic by “publishing”:

This lets you manually create a check point for your project that you can revert to.

What are you trying to version?

I guess we’ll see how things play out. I believe we’re not there yet to know what is best for us moving forward. Initially we want to ensure that code components and changes designers make in Plasmic will not accidentally get overwritten without proper version control.

The goal is to version different prototypes. Our use case is this: we’re going to prototype a bunch of different user flows and by feedback we’re going to iterate that prototype to more high fidelity as we proceed.

Our devs are not too fond of the idea of involving GitHub right now. Mainly because of uncertainty of data access and/or privacy.

Ah, you do not need to involve GitHub at all. If you would like to have stronger control over what Plasmic designs get used in production, you can check out the “codegen” use case:

With “codegen”, developers use a command line tool to pull Plasmic changes into their codebase (the code doesn’t need to live on GitHub, can just go wherever your code lives today). That way, your Plasmic changes are always versioned together with the rest of your code, and developers have total control over what gets deployed. The downside is that developers may have to be involved to push changes to production.

Great to hear, it sure is a really compelling product. Thank you for fantastic feedback and guidance.