How to use the Sanity component package path field?

Hi, I’m working with the Sanity component package. I got the credentials to work but I am having a little bit of trouble figuring out what to put into the “path” field so that I can get access to more of my content. Anyone have an example of this? I would like to play around more.

Hi @clever_ostrich! You can ignore path if you are successfully already using “field”. Path was there if you have a more complex structure, where you are trying to access something that is more deeply nested within it. You can enter any dot separated path to locate the subfield that you are trying to get at.

These days, instead of using path, you can use dynamic values in plasmic, which is a more visual and flexible way of navigating these data structures.

Thank you. Will try it out. Very excited to mix the no-code and low-code stuff with Plasmic. I’m starting to see the potential!