How to use the value of a Select in a data fetch?

I would like my Data fetcher URL to use a variable in its URL. Is that possible? Specifically, I want the user to choose a value from a Select (dropdown) component and use that value in the data fetcher URL.

And another question, how can I do an http post and put data in it from various components such as input boxes and select/dropdowns?

The main way to accomplish this today is with custom offered code components, but supporting this natively in plasmic without needing any code components is something we are actively working on

Thanks for the info Yang. Is your response to both of my questions? Meaning, even if I just want to perform HTTP GET with a variable in the URL (where the variable comes from a Select option) I need to write a custom code component?

@handsome_mongoose Yes, to your last question. However, writing a custom code component is very easy.

@confused_ostrich Okay got it. What about the first question? I basically want an onChange for a dropdown box, and each time a new option is selected I want one of my data fetchers to execute (HTTP GET) and retrieve new data. Is that possible?

Yes that’s right, for now you will need to offer your own code components for managing state, such as in this example

What we are working on is making this easier to do without needing to author code components just to manage state