How would you make Plasmic work in the following setup?

Could I get an idea of how to set up the following setup:

• NX Monorepo with a Next JS app
• Shared UI components lib that Plasmic can use in the editor
• Plasmic Generated Code library that plasmic outputs to using gen / watch

You’ll need some Next.js app to serve as the Plasmic app host in order to be able to use your components in Studio. This doesn’t have to be the same as your final production Next.js app; this could just be some other Next.js app whose only purpose is to serve as that Plasmic app host.

(It sounds like you want codegen) Then, once you’ve created your designs, you can use the plasmic CLI to sync down the generated components into some codebase. If you want to generate these into a library rather than your final Next.js app, that’s fine. (Sounds like then you would have two different different libraries? One for the shared UI components lib and one for the Plasmic generated components?)

@yang Any links I can follow?

This is the codegen/CLI starting point:

This is the code components starting point:

@yang “Studio” here referred to “Plasmic”? Your reply is about non-code gen right?

@yang Is your reply in the context of using nx monorepo or just a regular nextjs?

@querulous_snipe Studio == Plasmic Studio, and no my answer applies to any monorepo