HTML, need help changing favicon.

hello i need somehelp i am using html and would like to change favicon please help i use cloudflare hosting btw @chungwu @yang @jason @victor @distinct_lynx

There’s no way to specify a favicon from within Plasmic yet; you should do it directly via your framework that’s rendering Plasmic content

and how do i do that (via html?)


How exactly are you using the html api today?

Hey I had the same problem before but my hero Jeff Wilde from this slack group shared this code with me! Just add this code in using html embed box and replace image url to your favicon image link. Totally worked for me!

var link = document.querySelector("link[rel~='icon']");
if (!link) {
    link = document.createElement('link');
    link.rel = 'icon';
link.href = '<>';

thank you!!!
absolute hero

Would be awesome to see this as a new feature on your roadmap to have it just integrated in the project settings on the Plasmic platform.

Actually you can now change your favicon! Do so from the same place where you configure your Plasmic hosting domain, from the publish modal

Amazing thank you!

Hi, I can’t find any favicon setting on the publish modal.


Hi I can’t find any favicon setting on the publish modal


It is only available for paid plans

Got it thank you