i18n stopped working in Plasmic

eek. i18n stopped working on our Plasmic pages and I notice this prop is marked as deprecated:

where can I find update implementation guide for Plasmic i18n and how can we better stay on top of this stuff?

weird. docs still show this attr being used;

Yes that prop is still fully supported. What issues are you seeing?

no translations of plasmic content

not sure where it’s breaking.

Is there a page where I can take a look?

here’s one: https://commercial-feature-please-please-please-deploy-1a.feature.placeitcode.net/es/acerca-de-nosotros

text in our code components is translated… but not plasmic created text

it must be something else on our side… was just surprised to see the deprecation note

ok! sorry for false alarm, tracked it down to change in Lokalise CLI.

great! :sweat_smile:

any idea why that translator prop is showing as deprecated? maybe bad config in our code editors?

the deprecation message mentions the new way to specify translator (but really should’ve explained some more):

<PlasmicRootProvider i18n={{translator: ...}}>

but either way is fine!