ICU Text displaying in Chinese in codegen

Issues with new rich table component displaying ui text in Chinese for codegen while showing english in plasmic studio. At first I thought it was my codegen setup, but then I create a fresh blank project and can show the issue without even leaving the studio. It renders correctly in the preview mode, but the api explorer renders chinese:

Working on a fix!

Had a feeling this was a known issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Please upgrade to the latest @plasmicpkgs/antd5 and try again

That worked! Thank you.

@chungwu I am using "@plasmicpkgs/antd5": "^0.0.48", and I’m still getting chinese characters.

can you also try updating @plasmicpkgs/plasmic-rich-components to latest?

It is on

"@plasmicpkgs/plasmic-rich-components": "^1.0.61",
"@ant-design/icons": "^5.0.1",
    "@ant-design/pro-components": "^2.4.6",
    "@plasmicapp/auth-api": "^0.0.4",
    "@plasmicapp/cli": "^0.1.270",
    "@plasmicapp/react-web": "^0.2.205",
    "@plasmicpkgs/antd": "^2.0.49",
    "@plasmicpkgs/antd5": "^0.0.48",
    "@plasmicpkgs/commerce": "^0.0.127",
    "@plasmicpkgs/commerce-shopify": "^0.0.132",
    "@plasmicpkgs/plasmic-basic-components": "^0.0.141",
    "@plasmicpkgs/plasmic-query": "^0.0.148",
    "@plasmicpkgs/plasmic-rich-components": "^1.0.61",

I think everything is at latest version

can you check if you see node_modules/@plasmicpkgs/plasmic-rich-components/node_modules/antd?

(thinking you may have duplicate copies of antd lying around)

nothing there

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 1.40.03 PM.png

Do I need both @plasmicpkgs/antd and @plasmicpkgs/antd5 ?

probably shouldn’t…

How do I remove @plasmicpkgs/antd in Plasmic Studio?

How do I un-import the package?

You can do so from the imported projects tab

(right-click remove)

Where is the imported projects tab?

Nevermind, Found it