Image sizing not being respected.

Image Sizing
I have a component with a slot with an image in it. The component has max-width 400px, but the image still gets a full srcset with image widths up to 3840 pixels, depending on the full screen width? This happens even if I set max-width 400px on the image.
• Are there ways to control this?
• Is it a bug?
This is the page: … it is rendered onto another page, but the max-width translates over.
This is the live view: … you can see the image I am talking about in the first tile (only visible on desktop)

Hi @rear_vole! I believe that’s not a bug and it should not cause any issues. The browser does not download all the assets in srcset, only the one it uses, and high-density displays may request images larger than the specified width.

@tiago what I am seeing here is that the browser is downloading a 1920px image, even though I have specified the max width of the image to be 400px… because this is all based on screen width.

Also, the srcset is unnecessary code, as the image should never be able to be larger than 400px…

@tiago is there any way I can override or control what image resolutions are asked for from the plasmic cdn?