Images have wrong sizes in Safari?

Hi, are there known issues with display of images in Safari desktop (mine’s version 14.0.3 (16610. I see some images (svg/png) show up with wrong sizes whereas everything looks fine on Chrome for my project. It seems like the main Plasmic website also has this issue for some images (see screenshots below comparing chrome vs safari).

thanks; we’ll look into this!

Hi @key_boa! We’ve just fixed this issue.

Great thanks for the update, looks great!

Hey guys!

What needs to be done to fix this in Safari?

We’re still seeing size issues with SVG on Safari only.

Hey, I compared my image with that on Plasmic’s project and found that theirs had a fixed width set whilst mine was ‘auto’. I gave it a fixed pixel value and published a new version, then published it via their GitHub pages integration, and it worked. It’s possible the first step isn’t needed. That said, there were other layout quirks still remaining in my site in Safari but I haven’t debugged those yet.