Implementing animated pricing dropdown.

Hi everyone, I am trying to implement price drop down on the website’s subscription section (like from 7,99 to 6,99). Sort of like in this article using CSS

Could you please advice

  1. whether it is possible to create such drop down animation on plasmic without coding?
  2. if CSS component is needed to be added - how can I do this?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, you can definitely create this! There is a new Timer component in the insert menu. I can try to share an example later of creating this.

Awesome! Thank you :clap: will be waiting for your further response :pray:

hi @yang may I kindly ask you to revert today? :pray::pray::pray: as I need to implement this solution into the project asap :pleading_face:

@graceful_cephalopod Please let me know if this helps!

Hi @yang, thanks a lot for the video!! :fire: Everything’s clear, but the question is how to make not the increase of numbers in timer, but decrease? I have specific case to animate numbers decrease from 7,99 to 6,99

Appreciate your help a lot!! :pray:

Also the case is that I have a subscription section of the website with slider button (frame) from monthly to annual options after which this price drop down should take place

Hi, you can just change the increment action to a decrement action, and change your stopping condition from checking that the number is less than a certain value to checking that it is greater than a value