Implementing chained API calls from list interactions

I am trying to re-implement this webpage on our new website using plasmic

The page loads with a list of leagues. When a league is tapped, seasons associated with that league are fetched, and a new list is displayed on the screen. When a season is tapped, each leagues recap sheet is then displayed in another new list. A back button is also available.

I’m a little stuck on how to do this in plasmic. Each list is retrieved via an API call, and I don’t understand how I can query new data based off an interaction.

I am using a data list component, but understand that I can use “repeat element” if need be.

On Row clicked sounds like where I want to be, but none of these really lead me to an API call. Use Integration does, but I’m not following the next step after getting more data

I should mention that I am stuck doing it this way. Unfortunately there is no way to get the nested data all at once. I have to go through chained API calls

Hey @anthony_schanen. You should be able to use the Use Integration action, followed by a Update state variable action. Previous actions data are accessible in future actions via the $step variable.

You can read more about it here Interactions and state reference | Learn Plasmic