Import plasmicpkgs into Plasmic canvas

the packages that are in the “plasmicpkgs” folder in the plasmicapp repo, is there a way to import them into the Plasmic canvas without doing it through code?

Hello @bright_cephalopod, most of them are already exposed as “hostless code components” and you should be able to find them when trying to add something new

i’m sorry; can you provide a screen shot or link to document for what you’re talking about? Is there a difference between the hostless code components and the component store? I’m specifically looking for a code-less way to integrate these plasmicpkgs:
• chakra-ui
• plasmic-hubspot

By hostless code components I mean the component store indeed. The ones you listed are not available in the component store, so it would need to be integrated in code for now, by importing the package and calling the register method.

ok, cool