Importing BigCommerce data with GraphQL.


how can i get the bigcommerce product data into plasmic using graphql

Hello Amal, you can use our component GraphQL Api Fetcher component

Hi, you can also check out Big Commerce code components here

when i trying to fetch data from bigcommerce by using graphql api fetcher it show the below error,

Can you share a link to the Plasmic project where I can look?

Also, you can consider using the BigCommerce components from Advantages:
• It will be easier to query data. Just pick the products and collections you want, rather than crafting raw graphql queries.
• They give you easier to use building blocks such as product grids and images.
• You can also perform more actions than displaying products, such as adding items to cart or switching variants.

could you help me to implement the above method in my project

Hi, are you able to clone that repo to your local host and run it? That should be all it takes to make the repo your own, but let me know if you are encountering any issues here