Improve localization feature in Plasmic

Hello ! Since the recent announcment from webflow to support Localization, have you considered improving your Localization feature ?
If I understand correctly the actual feature in Plasmic, right now you can either use variants and manually translate in the UI (no external provider integration) or you use localization frameworks where it requires a manual sync of translation keys
More details about how I’d like to personnaly use Plasmic translations in the thread

At our company, we would like to work as follow with translations:
• Copywriter create the page in english
• Copywriter requests localization in french for the english page (through a button in the UI, or all translations are available automatically?)
◦ We use an external integration (crowdin) to translate all copy, where we have a custom model for our business domain.
• French page is displayed in the UI, either as a variant or something else
◦ SEO metadata is also part of the translation
◦ Optional: url could be different depending on the language too
• Optional: Copywriter can update translated pages to override some UI elements like images that could contain english text
• Publish and everything is translated in our app :tada: