Improvements Needed for Preset Styles Preview Functionality

Improvements for the Preset Styles (I basically started to recreate this on my own until I realized it already existed)
• Always have the Preview visible whenever setting the style in all menus so the changes can be seen realtime and with less clicks
• Have different components to be able to preview; such as the headless plume components and 3 layered boxes
• Ideally this wouldn’t be off to the side but above the canvas or as a modal so that it is easy to visualize the component in place with the new style

This is my project that I’m working on that has the concept in development

I think another game changer would to have the styles be in a gallery view instead of text so it makes utilizing the styles easier and more intuitive

also, it’d be awesome to be able to group certain styles together and possibly have a cascading to them

Alright, now it makes more sense to me why I’ve gone through all of this effort … you can’t change the effect of the button directly

Sorry, I didn’t follow what you meant, could you share some screenshots of which part of the studio are you referring to where the improvements should be made ?

ya, absolutely, I’ll put that together tomorrow