Improvements to the Sanity Fetcher integration

hey plasmic team, I have a couple of thoughts i’d like to share:
• is there a way we can improve the ui for the query in the sanity fetcher component? Currently is a small text box that only supports a single line which makes it very difficult to maintain queries
• absolutely love the dynamic values, but i hope there’s more support coming for these (for example, i’d like to be able to set component variants based on dynamic values - this would let me set colors, invert layouts and stuff for even/odd items)
• i think that now that we can use repeated elements directly within plasmic, the sanity fetcher might need to be re-coded to support more of an object approach rather than just arrays

100% think an object approach would be more future proof. but 10,000% agree what variants should be able to be change using values from the CMS.

Great point on editing the query in a more comfortable code editor…

Letting you conditionally set variants is something we’re targeting! (No ETA yet, but will be a big enabler)

You can in fact already make Sanity Fetcher return objects - set the noRepeat prop, I believe that’s what it was called