Inability to paste styles to all layers simultaneously in Plasmic

I’m struggling with Plasmic as I can’t transfer or paste styles to all layers at once. I have to individually select each element, which is inefficient when moving a mobile design from Figma. My current workaround involves copying styles from a new page and pasting them onto the original mobile version page, but this lacks a ‘select all layers’ feature and is time-consuming.

Hi, sorry I didn’t follow your question, you are trying to move your design from Figma to Plasmic, then when it’s moved you have to re apply the styles to each element ? Can you demonstrate what is the feature request that you are asking for ?

I’m facing a challenge with moving my mobile responsive design from Figma to Plasmic after I’ve already pasted my web responsive design.

The issue is that I can’t directly transfer my mobile design, so I have to manually create a new page in Plasmic for the mobile design. Then, I select all elements on this page, copy their styles, and return to the original page where the web responsive design is pasted. On this page, I manually paste the styles onto each element in the “mobile only” section.

This process is time-consuming as there’s no option to ‘select all’ for efficient style transfer.

the styles from your desktop version get carried over to every breakpoint below that though. you should run through the tutorial again.