Inconsistency with style tokens.

Some product feedback re: style tokens froma first time user coming from Figma:
• Would have preferred to either start completely blank or the ability to remove the styles that are imported by default (antd5 hostless and plasmic-rich-components) to keep the typography list tidy and concise.
• Would be great if there was a separate page created in the app which provides a list of all tokens and components that are available out of the box. Right now it seems like I’d have to build such a page myself to keep track and preview to maintain consistency.
• Not clear how I could change style tokens and have them propagate to the default components (if that’s even possible?)

Thanks for the feedback!

Some quick tips for now, in case it helps, will also think about how to make this more clear

• For now you can start without any tokens by creating a blank website project
• If you edit the ant tokens, they will affect the default components

Thanks! Doesn’t seem like the ant tokens are editable even if I wanted to

But blank website helped clear the list

Oh think I found it now - under Project Settings → Ant Design System Settings. Odd place to find it, would have expected to be able to edit these styles from either Tokens or Theming