Inquiries about Plasmic's page views limit, analytics, and integrations

Hi everyone. Recently, I’ve started exploring Plasmic - it looks neat and powerful :ok_hand: I have some quick questions:

  1. Do the page view limits apply to all the websites/apps published across all workspaces under one account? For example, if I had 100 websites published and each received 2,000 page views, then I would need the Pro plan, correct?
  2. How can I access the analytics mentioned on the Plasmic pricing page to check my monthly page views?
  3. Do you offer any options to increase just the page views limit when needed, without having to upgrade to the Scale or Enterprise plans?
  4. What is the ETA for Google Sheets integration? Also, do you plan to add Xano integration?


  1. Yes, for all projects across a team, but we aren’t enforcing this limit yet
  2. It’s currently not available, one of the reasons why we aren’t enforcing it
  3. I think it depends on the case by case, but in general not
  4. No ETA yet, we have been planning to increase/improve our integrations, but not in this quarter

Thanks Felipe