Inquiring about Plasmic's compatibility with fabric.js for a design project

Hi All, I’m testing plasmic to see if it’s right for our project. The project is basically a canva clone. Users create projects then can use pre-made image assets to create their design. We will use fabric.js or pixi.js for the canvas. One crucial feature we need is to be able to drag and drop images from an asset panel built in Plasmic onto a component with a fabricjs canvas element. We will also need to communicate between a Plasmic-built toolbar component and the fabricjs canvas so users can sketch, erase, move elements, etc. Wondering, do you think this is an appropriate use case for Plasmic?

Hi, well considering that Plasmic was built into Plasmic you should be able to achieve those functionalities, I am not experienced with fabric.js or pixi.js, but from a quick search I am able to see that you can integrate with React, which should allow you to register it as a code component in Plasmic