Integrating Clevertap for event tracking on Plasmic Studio page

Hi, does anyone know/has tried integrating Clevertap into their project such that it sends a Clevertap event upon a button click on a page built within Plasmic studio?

Hi, I don’t know if anyone currently uses it, but from this docs I think you should be able to do it, are you hosting your own next js application or using plasmic hosting ?

hi! thanks. hosting it on our nextjs application but intending to import the entire plasmic page itself rather than via components

You should be able to do something like this, where you add expressions like clevertap.event.push, then in our application you have the installation of clevertap, it has to be noted that in the studio those actions won’t be able to run as clevertap won’t be defined, you can handle it by checking if it’s defined before running or by registering functions that you would like to use in the studio

Thanks for the info. but for this, i’d need to connect it via app host right?

Yes, for custom functions you would need to have an app host, but for the first solution you should be able do it without an app host

cool ,ty!