Integrating Contentful with application.

Do you know what I should put there to show the content?

It’s a Contentful integration

Just you need enter a value which you want to show

And what would be the way to leave it open? For example, I want to show all the blogPosts, but no matter what I put, it doesn’t seem that I have published anything (although I have published it)

In order to show all data without filtering you should only select Content Type

Like this?


@accessible_cuckoo It looks like there’s a bug here - we’ll fix

But in the meantime, you can work around this by

  1. Select a Filter field, so that Search Parameter is revealed
  2. Unset Search Parameter
  3. Unset Filter Value
  4. Unset Filter Field
    (Or, insert a brand new Contentful fetcher)

The problem is that the fetcher got confused and stuck when switching around the props.


That doesn’t seem to work either, I’ll keep editing the rest in the meantime…

You haven’t unset Filter Field

What happens is that if I leave it in ‘unset’ I get this message


Before you were showing screenshots of the Fetcher, but inside the Fetcher there should be some a Field component that you can select, can you select it and then pick which field you want to display?

You can also see this tutorial on how these integrations work