Integrating Plasmic into projects' caveats and risks

Is there a video that shows how Plasmic integrates into your project once you’ve built out a layout? I see the different options under “Code”, but I am concerned about the loader and what this actually means. If it’s not really a React component but instead loaded via a wrapper I want to know what caveats I’m going to run into. We do a lot of GSAP/Framer motion after a project is prototyped and I want to know what kinds of issues I may run into. I was really excited to find out about Plasmic but I was hoping it actually exported actual React/Vue components.

I may be looking at it the wrong way as well… if I load the Plasmic server-side components into a project, that would enable our team to be able to make design adjustments which could be imported back into the project, or application. However, we’re then married to Plasmic – what if Plasmic goes away? We’re stuck rebuilding an entire application otherwise we’re going away too.