Integrating platform with shopping cart and payment

Hi guys i’m leveraging commercial solution for our company, can you point me to example where platform integrate with shopping cart and payment functionality?

I had read , it seems the graphql and bigcommerce token has expired for the demo

Hi @coveted_tern, if you’re looking to use the bigcommerce components, you can just plug in your own store credentials - unfortunately bigcommerce demo stores expire quickly! We’ll clarify in the repo.

@yang How do i setup the store credentials? is there any tutorial pages i can get more information on? Is there any demo/showcase page or video to demonstrate how we can use Plasmic to setup a ecommerce store? So that my stakeholder can have a better understanding of the product capacity

In the left sidebar tab, do you see Project Settings? And do you see BigCommerce listed there?

Here is a tutorial video for shopify which works identically:

Hi @yang thanks for your advices, what about the shopping cart logic? and discount logic? does it belongs to the shopify intergation?

Hi, cart data should already be exposed via the cart component. Let me know if you can see the data when using dynamic values inside of the cart component.

Discounts and promos are applied during the checkout flow. Shopify controls and owns the checkout flow