Integrating Sanity into Plasmic CMS.

I’m struggling to understand the best way to integrate my existing CMS ( I’d like to migrate my pages and blog post content to Plasmic. I’d like to keep the source of record in Sanity while using the Plasmic visual builder instead of block editor in Sanity (I think). What is the best way to integrate here?
• Do I match pages on slug?
• Can I create a Plasmic record and launch from my Sanity record?
• Should I create a “Plasmic Content” block in Sanity that fetches a page record from Plasmic (requiring a api integration to fetch create the select menu)?
• Should I ditch my current CMS and replace it entirely with Plasmic?

How do I set up a simple blog?
• Do I use the CMS?
• How are categories and authors managed?
• How do I create Category and Author pages with links to their post?
• How can you nest pages (e.g. /blog/post-1)

Hi, plasmic and sanity are two separate platforms, but plasmic does have a sanity integration that lets you pull structured data from sanity APIs so you can display that data within your plasmic pages. If you want to create templated pages that are filled in with different data for a collection of records from sanity, use dynamic pages together with the sanity integration. Plasmic does also include a built-in CMS, plasmic cms, for any structured content - it is a simpler CMS than sanity. There isn’t a way to swap out the database used by plasmic. Let me know if that helps.

Here’s how you use the CMS

Here’s how you create dynamic pages like /blog/blah