Integrating Tailwind CSS

Basically, I have made a custom component from the tailwind component library. One thing though is that when I put the component into the actual page, it shows something that looks nothing like the Tailwind component. Does anyone have experience with this that could potentially help me debug this?

Can you check that your tailwind CSS files are included in the /plasmic-host page? Usually you’ll want to import the CSS files in some sort of global layout, for example in Next.js it would be _app.tsx or layout.tsx.

Im using javascript and next, but I just started building from the exported code from Plasmic and so there isn’t an app.js or layout.js page.

@jason if possible, is this something you could demostrate? I’ve been interested in leveraging tailwind as well, and typically use codegen; so I’d be curious to see how the setup would be with Plasmic.

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I think you can follow the installation instructions of Tailwind CSS. There shouldn’t be anything Plasmic specific.

For general instructions, see Installation - Tailwind CSS.

For Next.js-specific instructions, see Styling: Tailwind CSS | Next.js