Integrating Zoom Meetings with Plasmic.

Has anyone done a Zoom meeting integration in Plasmic.
Currently we have it integrated in WordPress and need to move to Plasmic.
Am I starting to look the right places with these URLs ? :

Or is there anything else I need to know?

@yang would this need to be added by you guys as an api integration or simply use the Plasmic’s HTTP Rest APIs or GraphQL APIs?

Hi @patient_peacock, I’m not very familiar with the Zoom APIs or what the embedding desired is, but it looks like they have a simple drop-in web embedding integration here, where you can insert some script tags:

So we decided to hold off on Zoom integration for now.
Would this be something we could pay Plasmic to do , part of the MSP?

Yes, will make a note of it and remember to bring it up in later MSP discussions!