Integrations with databases and APIs, plus user logins and permissions

<!channel> The team landed some huge new pillars for Plasmic! :rocket:

• New server-side framework for using databases/APIs - go full-stack with Plasmic! We’re rolling this out along with the introduction of some new highl-requested built-in integrations like Airtable, Zapier, PostgreSQL, and a new REST query builder
• User authentication and permissions, including both a built-in Plasmic auth provider and ability to integrate with custom auth providers
These have been in the works for a while and are critical for building full-stack apps and websites - check out the announcement, and let us know your feedback!

I’m pretty hyped by the user auth :fire:

holy crap this update is huge

Wow. This is insane

:tada: :tada: :tada:


Nice work!

Just amazing!!

OMG :exploding_head:

Okay, I came to slack after this update. Very exiting!
I explored plasmic a while ago for web app building and it wasn’t ready, looks like it is now?

Here for the integration with Airtable, though now I am wondering if I should be using Supabase :open_mouth: . I can never make up my mind! Great update none the less, already whipped together data fetch and CRUD interface for Airtable data, working slick : )

that’s an awesome update! Thanks for your great work!