Interactive Dynamic Dropdown items

What are you trying to do? (please be as specific as possible and include relevant screenshots, code snippets, and reproduction steps)

I want to let users update an Idea status via a Dropdown. The principle is pretty much the same as the Ticket Status dropdown in your Support ticketing app video (

There is one important difference: I want my dropdown to load Menu items dynamically from the database.

I managed to have the dropdown load all the values dynamically

However, I can’t figure out how to do an update when a user selects a Menu item.

P.S. in the Ticketing app example the values are not dynamic, so defining the update action is pretty straightforward.

What have you tried so far? (please link relevant docs and other forum posts)

I don’t know where to start, tbh

Relevant links:

did you add anything to the interactions?

you should be able to get the index of the selected menu item from the ‘key’ value. If you need that.

Thank you, @puvi !

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