"Interactive variant click event not available"

I’ve been following this video on interactive variants, but I’m stuck at this point where an onClick event is not available in the list (screenshot attached).

@verbal_sparrow would you be able to help with this? :pray::upside_down_face:

the onClick event is only available I think on the container level, so any Horizontal Stack, Vertical Stack, Free Box etc

:thinking_face: hmm in the video, you’ve selected the Radio component within the vertical stack to set it up.
When I do the same, the onClick event doesn’t show up.
If I select the parent container, when configuring the onClick event, I’m unable to set the Value as you have

You can first select the value from the visual :eye: Data Picker uiser interface

Then, switch over to Edit Code

When I do that, I dont have the option to select currentItem

Ah then you didn’t use the repeater on the items

It is using the repeater on the items.
I’ll try recreating it from scratch according to your video again to see if I’ve missed something

You’ll have to expose the onClick prop on the Radio component. It’s a little clunky how to do this right now :sweat_smile: Here’s a clip


It worked! Thank you both!!