Intrepid - remote team workforce management, built in Plasmic

Anyone here running a remote company or transitioning to one?

I’m building this entirely with plasmic. I’m being helped by someone that I found here in the community—who has been awesome :star-struck: @zonal_mammal

Please have a look, helpful feedback is welcome.

I started this all by myself. I’ve never built an app before and I’m so—so thankful that something like plasmic came along that allowed me to leverage my existing skills to create something.

You’re an inspiration Collin!

I legit get so much joy from plasmic :heart:

Thanks a lot! :partying_face:

You are intrepid! Keep it up!

Looks pretty good! The mobile layout could use some work though, maybe switching to a one-column layout for mobile?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. The mobile views are 1 column.

Hi, I just joined - wow your site looks really good!

I think the sections “What is remote OS”, “Remote Work” etc. could use a bit more air as I feel they appear a bit cramped - just my 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face:

Omg thanks. I’ve been tweeking the spacing for days now—wondering less/more/less/more…hahah:exploding_head: I will give it a shot

@quarrelsome_wren for example here, you still have two columns

What screen size and browser is this?

It’s microsoft edge on a viewport width of 536 px

Yeeeeah hahhaha, we only do IPhone from 8-12, and Mac book pro. We don’t have the resources for every breakpoint

@quarrelsome_wren Has this since been fixed? On some mobile devices ours is looking distorted.

Yes, The issue that we found was that we needed another breakpoint for iPhone 13 I believe. Then when we checked it seemed to be working. We haven’t had frame rendering issues since

But be advised we don’t cover every breakpoint.

do you have which breakpoints you do currently cover?

I believe it’s MacBook Pro, iPhone 8, and 13 (or the latest one) I have to check what we did exactly, but this seemed to have us covered for most screens