Introducing the Plasmic affiliate program

Hey Plasmic community :wave:

We just officially launched our affiliate program :rocket:. Whether you’re a content creator, social influencer, web expert, agency, educator, or just like to share Plasmic with everyone you know…now you can get paid for it!

Our program offers 20-40% commission for the first 12 months.
• 40% on basic plans
• 27% on growth plans
• 20% on enterprise plans
There’s also no approval process to get started. Just sign up here, add your PayPal email address, and generate your custom affiliate link instantly.

When you login, you’ll also get a personal dashboard where you can view the traffic and conversions you’re generating, and track all the payments you’ve earned through the affiliate program.

For more information, check out or feel free to reach out to me with any questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Question: If a new user signs up to your platform because of my affiliate link, but upgrades to a paid plan after 90 days, will that still count to my balance? I would assume, based on your free developer tier, that it could take a longer period of time until someone finally moves into the paid tier. But the reason, why he is now on your platform is still the person who advertised.

Awesome :clap:

Hi @prime_gecko good question. Yes, it will still be attributed to you as long as the visitor signs up as a free user before the 90-day window. Once they become a free signup, you will get credit whenever they upgrade