Is it possible create a toast notification with plasmic components?

Or at least are we able to animate the transformations using dynamic values from plasmic studio? Or do we need create a code component for that?

Toast notification reference:

You can definitely register the toast component as a code component in plasmic.

While you can also create something like this from scratch in plasmic without relying on code, it will have a number of constraints that are just going to be much easier to deal with in code. For instance, the code relies on using react portals to make sure that the element is mounted on the document body, so as to not be constrained if the toast is located somewhere deep in a nested scrollable area or overflow hidden area or some such.

When registering the component,

Expose children’s slots so that you can fill the content within plasmic

Add a rough action on the components so that you can trigger it from any interaction in plasmic

Add class name selector props so that you can style any part of the toast from within plasmic

Let me know if that makes sense! The code component reference documentation describes the above concepts in more detail