Is it possible to copy/paste pages or components across projects?

Is it possible to copy/paste pages or project components from one project to another?
A really common developer flow seems to be clone the production project to a private one and make changes there, testing, then “commiting” to it in the prod one…

Hi @purring_vole, copy/paste across projects isn’t there yet, but you can do the following equivalent workaround for now:

I should also mention that we are actively working on branching, which should directly solve your above workflow without even needing copy/paste

Thanks a lot!
Looking forward to branching!
@responsible_spider :eyes:

@exotic_tarantula I believe you were also looking forward to this :pray:

Yep I can testify import/export works :+1:

I will note some caveats to be aware of;

Tl;DR: if the component you’re importing has breakpoints, make sure they’re identical to the breakpoints of the project you’re importing to. AND it’s possible you’ll have duplicate symbols.

components with breakpoints within them can override the parent project’s breakpoints; if you tell the app not to, you won’t get the imported component’s breakpoints in the importing project.

If you however disconnect the imported project after importing a component from it (stay with me now! :laughing: ) the imported responsive component will work with the importing project’s breakpoints.

So if you have identical breakpoints, you can import a component with breakpoints, disconnect and have it work as you want. You may end up with duplicate symbols or mixins though.