Is it possible to directly export the code?

Just found out about plasmic. Wondering if it’s possible to export the code entirely I want to create the front end with react on plasmic But then export the code to integrate it into electron and add another node Integrations to the front end. Can I do something like this with plasmic

Check out this section of the documentation


Hi, you should look into Plasmic codegen, where you export the source code to your application. Codegen overview | Learn Plasmic it should be possible since there are users that managed to build iOS apps with it iOS App Built with Plasmic 🚀.


I have a dumb question. Is there any way that I can prevent my added code (Electron related) that I have added in the exported code to not be overwritten when I run plasmic sync

The Codegen integration was developed so that you can continuously sync the content. If you create your override in the wrapper component, it won’t be overridden when you sync the next time. Codegen Guide: Components | Learn Plasmic

I’m sorry but I couldn’t understand the documentation properly. Do I need to create a separate component file where I would add all of the additional functions And other code and then I need to export the file generated from codegen And add props to that component? Because if so I tried but I couldn’t get this working since I couldn’t find a way to add props to the homepage And also even if I could I don’t think this approach would work properly for me.

Is there any other way I can just add some code that doesn’t get overwritten like can I enclose it with something that will tell the codegen to not override that part of the code. also am sorry if I’m not understanding this correctly and if I’m not able to understand documentation properly I’m not well experienced with react