Is it possible to make something to slide in on click?

Hello Plasmic Team. Is it possible to make Interaction Variants with onClick? We just want something to slide in onClick

Not yet possible, but introducing first-class state and interactions is something we are actively working on.

In certain situations, you could use element focus to achieve this effect - not sure if this applies to your current case, but sharing in case it helps:

hi @yang Thanks for sharing. Yes, we tried this but it looks like we will need an onClick event to do what we need.

Is there any more information on what will be coming out with regard to first-class state and interactions? I’m just wondering if it will solve some of the things some of these react libraries like DnD and or tables, basically I’m looking to do a lot of the things that say mantine does and then add in some sophisticated tables, if we could just accomplish this stuff with plasmic that would be epic haha!

And since I’m new to this and others may be as well, I am actively working to figure out what can all be done in pure plasmic, and what will actually need to be extended.

Anyways I understand that this may be hard to know at the moment since you are probably still working on it, and the framing of my question may be a bit wonky, but I figured I would ask anyway!

And thank you for this popovers video, I will use this!

And I’m realizing that modals and tables are already possible, wow… sorry just learning a lot so far haha

Yes, this is indeed possible today!

The main thing we are actively working on right now is introducing State Management as a concept into plasmic. This will let you bring components that expose state, and connect that state to each other. This will also let you define state within plasmic authored components, and use them the same way.

This will be coupled with introducing the concept of interactions, such as on click handlers that manipulate said state.

Although this will cover a large swath of interactions, this won’t do anything for drag and drop, which is actually a rather complex set of events and interaction. You can always however bring your own drag drop components into plasmic easily, as shown in this video: